Yoga Koncepts is a basement studio. There is parking for 3 on the driveway, the rest is street parking. Please do not block in anyone’s driveway. ENTER THRU THE GARAGE.

We have designed a 3-week program called “New to Yoga” for anyone looking to ease in and learn the basics of yoga.

We encourage everyone to try coming 2 times a week. If you can come more, great!!

We have a strict policy for starting and ending classes on time. If the garage door is closed,  you are late and you will not be let into class to prevent disturbing your fellow yogis.  Please always arrive early and plan time for possible traffic, parking, snowy roads,  etc.

We have designed the monthly unlimited membership for those who are coming to classes consistently 2 times/week. Our class packages are designed for anyone coming less than that.

Dress comfortably in clothing that allows you to move. We also suggest dressing in layers so you can cool down or warm up according to your needs. No need for shoes! Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

This is the question we get asked the most. Can’t touch your toes? Who cares! Yoga is an ongoing practice of breath. Touching your toes may come in time, but breath is forever.

If you are 14+ feel free to come on your own.  Kids under 13  must be accompanied by a parent.

Class passes are for individual use only. We do have a drop-in option if you plan to bring a guest.

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I am always happy to provide assistance to any questions you may have regarding Yoga Koncepts. You will receive a reply quite quickly, so please send me a message!

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