Welcome! I am committed to making your experience with me easy and fun.

All the classes are designed to produce a brand new experience of yoga for you every time you step on your mat.

In our power yoga classes, we intentionally use heat for three reasons.

Heat facilitates a healthy cleansing sweat that just feels oh so good!

Heat allows the muscles and connective tissues in the body to become more malleable. This creates an experience of fluidity in the practice, allows you to move deeper into your poses, and helps prevent injuries.

We have the heat set to a temperature that allows space for you to work hard in your practice causing rapid growth in strength and muscle tone while adding your own internal fire to the practice.

Power Yoga is a type of yoga based on Baron Baptiste’s Journey Into Power sequence, designed to take you through an energetic journey into freedom, vitality and power. Our vinyasa power yoga classes are vigorous and energetic, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated, revitalized and inspired. Expect to be challenged and stimulated, expect to sweat, and expect rapid growth in overall strength, balance and flexibility.

Tips To Remember!

Here are some tips for you as you begin your yoga journey with Yoga Koncepts.

You can either drop in or sign up for any class (unless specific). If you do sign up, your spot is held up to 10 minutes prior to the start of class.
Come to the studio 15 – 20 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the space and to get setup for your first class. If you didn’t purchase a class and fill out a waiver online, you will have time to do that as well.

We rent mats for a nominal fee. There are blocks and straps available for you to use for free. If you have your own, bring them!

You’re going to sweat, so bring a towel with you as well!
Ensure you bring a water bottle filled with water and/or electrolytes. It is important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water an hour before class! You can buy a bottle of water here too!

You’ll notice that I do not ask students to stay quiet while in the yoga room because it’s the perfect opportunity to create connection. After placing your mat down and setting up your space, get to know your neighbours! Talk, laugh and share.

After class is over, there is no rush to leave! Stay and have a tea or coffee and enjoy each others fellowship!

Give yourself time to learn the practice and the poses. Yoga Koncepts is an intuitive practice, which means you are welcome to adapt poses and/or take a short break in Child’s Pose. I ask that you listen to your body.

If you would like more support, we offer private yoga classes and in-class assists.


Restorative Yoga is as the name suggests… rest and restore. Go ahead – put your feet up and get comfortable! A series of supported restorative postures give you and your body the opportunity to restore and heal. This nourishing practice will release and unwind deep layers of tension in your body and mind, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, soothed and wonderfully at ease. What a great way to end the weekend and prepare for a new week!

Build energy and find your inner power through the intimate connection of breath & movement. This all levels* flow offers the opportunity to utilize major & stabilizing muscle groups to work up a mild sweat and release those feel good endorphins. You’ll leave this class feeling both mentally and physically strong and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

*All levels mean ALL LEVELS! Modifications are provided. This is your practice, do what you can and know that child’s pose is always there for you when a break is needed. We all have to start somewhere.

A slower paced Warm Power Yoga class where you will hold poses for longer periods of time, allowing deep release of tension and stress. An all levels class ideal for runners, people on the go, and professional sitters. Expect to leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and stretched out.

New To Yoga - 3 Week Series

In this NEW TO YOGA 3 week series you will get the basic methodology needed to begin a regular Warm Power Yoga practice. You will learn how to breath, move and adapt to feel confident in any pose.

Each week we will empower you with tools to begin a power yoga practice. The tools will first be practiced individually, then you will apply the tools to the yoga poses. You will be left with an actual experience of how the practices are used in the yoga poses.


In week ONE you will discover your breath and the importance of breath as you move from pose to pose. Secondly, you will learn about Drishti (eye gaze) as the source of calm focus and a clear mind. And finally, you will explore the key stone pose called Tadasana that is the blueprint for all of the yoga poses.
In week TWO you will learn the Sun Salutations. The Vinyasa (flow) of a power yoga practice. Sun A’s will incorporate the Tadasana that was learned in week one. Sun B’s you will learn the Chatarunga (high plank, low plank), up dog, down dog of the vinyasa.
In week THREE you will be introduced to the distinctions of balanced action and adaptation which will give you the confidence needed to adapt and work with any pose in any class. Closing with how to put it all together with your Ujjayi (breath) Drishti (gaze) and Vinyasa (flow).

Our Pricing


Intro Special 30 Days $30 DEAL

Single Drop In Class $18

5 Class Pass $60

10 Class Pass $120

Weekly Unlimted Classes $90

Monthly Unlimted Classes $120


Student Single Drop In Class $12

Student Weekly Unlimited Classes $60

Kid's (Under 13) Single Class Drop In $8


Single Person Class $40

Group Class $90

* will come to your own home if desired. 

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